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Sell your rims/wheels in 3 easy steps.

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1. Simply enter wheel information & upload images

To make a suitable offer to you, we need some information about your rims/wheels. Simply fill in  the form by clicking here (mobile-friendly).

Make sure to upload a few images!

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2. Get an offer from us within 24h

After receiving your information, we will contact you with an offer within 24 hours (via Email or phone). If you agree on the terms, we will arrange a pick-up date with you and take care of shipping and delivery. Simply pack up your wheels as seen on the image. We send you the packaging material for free.

Note:  By accepting our offer via Email, you agree to a legally binding sales agreement.

Get Cash for Wheels and Rims

3. Pick-up or delivery & get paid

You get paid in cash (when picked up by us), via PayPal (when shipped) or via bank transfer (after arrival and inspection of your wheels). Alternatively, you can deliver your wheels to us in person and get paid in cash instantly. We pay the costs for pick-up and shipping – no worries.

Simply fill in the form here!

To make you a suitable offer, we need some information about your rims/wheels. Simply fill in the blanks  – make sure to upload some images!

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